Track Wishlist for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’

There’s no denying that the music is one of the most beloved compenents of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. As of now there’s no word on what songs have been selected, if any, so I took the time to compile 12 songs that fit perfectly within the universe. While there’s a chance that modern songs can make an appearance post Infinity War, I’ll keep the wishlist in the already established era of the ‘60s-’80s; including context for each proposed track. Hit play, listen and enjoy.

1. “Evil Woman” – Electric Light Orchestra

Though the first two films have had their moments of  dark undertones, it would be quite interesting to take the series into a much more ominous and dangerous place than previously seen. This can be done easily by having a villain that’s both well developed and terrifying though their power showcased within the film. Having a lead female villain would be a drastic change to the series and open the possibilities to countless villains in the Marvel catalog. Her introduction can begin with a menacing score before the cymbals clashing at the beginning of ELO’s “Evil Woman” spark off a reign of terror which ensues as the drums kick into the beat of the action. Showcasing poise and sheer brutality in a quick manner wouldn’t go unnoticed, thus having a scene where a large group are slaughtered by one individual would kick off what could be marvel’s next great villain.

2. “Space Truckin”- Deep Purple

As the opening scene comes to a close, we see the Marvel Studios logo fill the screen to let the audience know the fun has begun. A brief voice over from one of the guardians fills the theater, explaining what the team experienced during the Infinity war; followed by 1972’s psychedelic rock hit “Space Truckin’” by Deep Purple. A montage ensues of the Guardians of the Galaxy as the audience plays catch up since they saw the team in action. Smuggling, espionage, saving lives and buffoonery through the galaxy. Having one or more cameos would be great fan service at this moment through a scene filled with both action and humor.

3. “You Sexy Thing”- Hot Chocolate

Love has been a recurring component in the series, so it’s safe to say there would be some type of love present in the third installment. Since we already have an established connection between Gamora and Peter Quill a new relationship would be on the rise. Since the film is early in development we don’t know if more characters will come part of team. With that in mind the relationship between Mantis and Drax could be the focus. Vol. 2 played with a potential love story between the two, through a subtle yet emotional scene of Drax opening up about his past as well as a few ongoing jokes throughout the film. Perhaps the team has crash landed in a body of water of an unknown planet, as Drax emerges from the shore gasping for air he sees Mantis in slow motion wringing out the water from her hair in a oblivious yet seductive tone as “You Sexy Thing” by hot Chocolate is heard. The film can even play off of Drax’s unconventional outlook on what is attractive, thus seeing Mantis’s awkwardness as a form of desire.

4. “Bargain Store”- Dolly Parton

The song can be used in several ways, one being the collector as you walk through his artifacts. “Bargain Store” could also work as Rocket admires his heavy collection of weapons to transition to a connected scene. Both these propositions may come off as excessive thus having an upbeat country song to act as music for a fight scene would be an interesting take on the song. An on the edge of your seat action set piece will most likely be saved for the third act, making it all the more likely for this light-hearted song to collide with a more mild scene of combat.

5. “Separate Ways”- Journey

Not all songs are required to have a connection to the physical portrayal in a scene, but rather the era to Star Lord’s era. Journey’s “Separate Ways” would work excellent as background tune that echoes through the Milano. Filmmakers in the past have gravitated towards using this song in a fight sequence, but James Gunn’s track record demonstrates a more unconventional use of songs, throwing them in scenes that others may seem as odd or waste in potential. Even if used as  simple background ambiance, the narration of the lyrics could accompany any turmoil within the film; like a disagreement and struggle brewing between two characters.

6. “Africa”- Toto

Like any group of individuals, the Guardians of the Galaxy are easily susceptible to conflicts with one another. The dispute between members doesn’t have to lay within the romantic spectrum however. It could be as simple as the animosity of one member fueled by another’s decision or lack thereof. Utilizing a song can either strengthen or collapse the emotional weight that is trying to be conveyed in a given scene, making it all the more essential to have the right song. “Africa” could channel the team’s frustration with one another as it clashes with the yearning to be a team once more. Maybe it has been a few days since a member or two disbanded which may make the scene a look back on actions or reminiscing the better times. The continent of Africa is a near perfect representation of the team as it showcases danger, separation, rich culture and an unmistakable beauty.

7. Long Cool Woman-The Hollies

Once the team is back on the same page, devising a plan to take out the film’s threat is the next step. The Hollies’ “Long Cool Woman” has it all, a steady beat, slick guitar riffs and an overwhelmingly positive connotation that screams teamwork. Building weapons used in the proceeding battle, training (both physical and mental) and a plot exposition can all fall within this 1971 classic.

8. “Take on Me”- a-ha

Abducted in 1988, just three years after the release of “Take on Me”, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch for Star Lord to have a personal love for this song. Before the closing battle gets heavy, the Synthpop track could enhance a truly mesmerizing sequence of galactic warfare with a lively twist. Just one look at the music video sparks the possibilities for a visually stellar depiction on the big screen- incoming shrapnel, barrel rolls, cosmic scenery all grooving to the bass.

9. “Fire and Rain”- James Taylor

It is indeed a possibility that one or more of the characters can meet their demise at the end of Vol. 3, making “Fire and Rain” a solid choice to close out the film. Shots of remaining characters met throughout the film could be depicted in a somber yet uplifting tone as we look back on the journey of outcasts turned loving family. While an important death could close out the series in a profound way, the true meaning of the song embodies the departure of the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Writer and Director James Gunn confirmed earlier this year that Vol. 3 will very much be the conclusion to this iteration of the Guardians, making it a bittersweet moment for fans. Since introduced back in 2014, audiences have taken these characters for granted, without the recognition that their reign at the box office would eventually come to a close. James Taylor’s poetic message is one that not only mourns the past, but celebrates memories created.

10. “Footloose”- Kenny Loggins

Ending on a downer would be a bold step for the film, but maybe not one that casual moviegoers would be fond of. Instead, finishing on a high note would conclude the ride as the trilogy closes. After some exchanged dialogue and seeing various characters looking back on the journey a conversation between Quill and Gamora could lead up to this very moment. After the chat, Gamora grabs an Vinyl record that she picked up without Peter’s knowledge. As the needle hits the record it comes apparent to Peter that it’s the the soundtrack to Footloose; resulting in a heartfelt smile on his face that one more dance is in session.

giphy (3)


11. “Too Hot to Stop”- The Bar Keys

Just because the Guardians won’t return for a fourth film doesn’t mean we can’t have fun during the credit sequences. The Bar Keys’s “Too Hot to Stop” has the beat and funk to get any foot tapping; including our beloved heroes as they dance across the screen for one last encore.

12. “Magic”- Pilot: Everyone expects yet another dance sequence by Groot, why not wait till the very end with Groot dancing to Magic as the credits come to a close.

***What are your thoughts on the set list, and what songs would you include in the upcoming film? Post in the comments below!

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