‘Green Room’ Wilhelm Screamfest II

        A gig is a gig- a common saying used by struggling bands, but one that may should be re-evaluated. This is what punk band The Ain’t Rights discover as they perform a show at a neo nazi venue, located in a remote part of Oregon. After the concert the group falls into a sticky situation as they become witnesses to a murder. Held up in the Green Room, the band must figure out a way to escape the clutches of several skinheads.
Since it’s limited release, “Green Room” has been having a decent amount of buzz. For one it was one of Anton Yelchin’s last films, but it’s how the film takes the thriller genre to new heights. We’ve seen thrillers focus on an individual or two trying to escape the clutches of a villain, but having it set in a Neo-Nazi friendly landscape really hits home to the current times of an ever so present culture of hate.
It isn’t just the setting that’s great, for the film really knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. Just about every character is written so well that you have some sort of connection to them, no matter their moral beliefs. For instance Pat (Yelchin), like most of his bandmates, has a real stricken sense of fear. You generally care about him and his friends as their scared demeanor transcends beyond tears and doubt. The fact that Pat is always thinking one step ahead, whether he is correct or not, signifies that these characters are not your average horror movie victims for they show intelligence. But even with street smarts, they still manage to fold under pressure- making the movie feel all the more real. Co-stars like Alia Shawkat and Imogen Poots showcase full blown terror that clashes with their personalities of wit and poise. While they don’t go film into their backstories, you really get a chance to see their true character once panic sets in.
Adding to the Terror is Patrick Stewart as Darcy, the owner of the venue. Quite possibly the most contrasting characters by Stewart, audiences will be blindsided by the chilling performance. He manages to stay calm and collective, but what underlies is a volcano of anger that can explode at any second. You would think being a leader of an Alt-right location would mean he’s a complete psychopath, but his abiding by rules mentality, such as fire codes, adds to the complex persona.
This is not a movie to watch if you’re looking for a relaxing cinematic escape. The suspense builds so much that your mind will be racing as if you are one of the bandmates. The layout of the venue is defined very well, allowing audiences to come up with their own escape plans.
As a horror film in disguise, “Green Room” incorporates stellar writing that will induce hand over eyes fright, thought provoking scenarios and chants of dismay and cheers- resulting in a product that is highly underrated and should be seen by all.

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