‘The Lost Boys’ Wilhelm Screamfest II

The 80’s was a crucial time for the horror genre, as many franchises were spawned throughout the decade. While most focused on killers with supernatural powers, there was one film that mixed traditional vampires with 1980’s culture.“The Lost Boys” is the epitome of the 80’s, with big hair, stellar music and movie duo Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. From top to bottom the film screams throwback with its much dated lingo, attire and sax man solos. The Blu-ray edition is remastered in a way that it feels like a modern film made to look like it took place in the 80’s. It’s quite a nostalgia trip.

The film itself focuses on two brothers moving to Santa Carla, which they quickly learn is the murder capital of the world. Hearing urban legends of Vampires seems ridiculous to them, until they come in contact with the local bloody thirsty group.

Much of the film is filmed at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a staple to Northern California Beach culture. The night scenes are visually brilliant as the lights of the roller coasters and carnival games add a stimulating backdrop to the horrors that come in play.

The vampires themselves are resemble to their humanoid figures, aside from pronounced facial bone structure and traditional fangs. What makes the film so interesting is the fact that you get to see how a “young” group of vampires act: pranks, night life and murder. There are a few scares in “The Lost Boys”, but nothing to make the film be considered a full on horror. If anything it could be labeled as a horror-comedy-teen flick.

Much of the enjoyment comes in the third act, as the Frog Brothers, self proclaimed vampire hunters, meet their foes face to face. As the two groups come at odds, great effects are utilized; making for some very unique on screen kills.

Like prior films reviewed this year, “The Lost Boys” is a film great for the Halloween season and one that should receive little judgement when going into it for the first time.

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