Friday Night Frights: A Brief Introduction

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to come up with a new series for Wilhelm Screeners that would not only get me back into writing more frequently but produce content that is dedicated to film lovers.  In the end, I decided to put my effort on something that truly captures one of my lifelong passions; Halloween. The last three years Wilhelm Screeners has done the annual Wilhelm Screamfest; where the entire month of October is dedicated to horror films. Rather than waiting till October, every Friday will now be known as “Friday Night Frights”; a series of reviews, blogs and whatever else may arise (from the dead).

        Like many people, I knew who Jason was as a child- even before seeing the films. The NES game terrified me, though it’s comical on how unterrifying the video game is today. Freddy was another character that I caught on tv in the past, specifically the scenes where he elongated his arms down the alleyway and when Johnny Depp was sucked into a bed to later be splattered along with the ceiling and walls of the bedroom. Attempts to watch the franchises occurred when AMC started ramping up their horror film showcase in October, but it wasn’t until I was 12 when I saw one of the films from beginning to end.

        In 6th grade, I received a magazine from a friend, the official “Freddy vs. Jason” movie magazine; thus becoming one of the cornerstone moments that kickstarted my infatuation with horror. The magazine really grew my expectations of the franchises as the set photos gave some wonderful shots of the costumes and makeup used for both Freddy and Jason. Advertised as “The Movie You’ve Been Dying For”,  my expectations grew even more. Once the movie made its way to premium cable networks I finally was able to watch one from beginning to end (review for “Freddy vs. Jason” coming this October). I gradually began watching other films once my family got Netflix. Since we had three DVDs at a time get delivered to our house I would add a few of these films to the top of the queue; surpassing whatever films my mom had at the top of the list.  From there my taste for horror grew.

Starting next Friday we begin things with 1980’s “Friday the 13th”. Jumping between franchises seems like the most fun route as they lead into the showdown of “Freddy vs Jason”. Some spoilers may be thrown into the reviews, so make sure to watch the films if you haven’t already. Towards the end, I’ll also compile a list of best moments in each franchise as well as an overall ranking. Until then, avoid campgrounds and stay awake!

80's freddy

Do you have a favorite film in either series? Who are you afraid of more and who is your favorite? Put your answers in the comments below!





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