Friday Night Frights-‘Friday the 13th Part VII: New Blood’

        “Few have seen him and lived, some have even tried to stop him- no one can.” These are the words spoken in the brief narrative recap of the series. The refresher course opening gives us snippets of the prior films before “Friday the 13th Part VII: New Blood” attempts to gear viewers into the eerie mood of the supernatural. This time however there’s a factor unlike any other. Tina, our new protagonist, has something up her sleeve; telekinetic powers. Yes, you read that right. It seems overtop, and that’s exactly what this film is striving for.

tina telekinesis.gif

        Tina is in a state of grievance after a fit of rage in her adolescence turned deadly. This depression and the overlying stress placed upon her by a doctor leaves her in shambles. While she is trying to reverse what she did in her youth, she unexpectedly uses her powers to bring Jason back from the dead once more. From here we have the basis of an unconventional yet welcoming premise to the franchise. She may not understand who he is or his past, but there’s a connection between the two. What sounds great in theory is only to be manufactured in what seems like a product that wasn’t fully taken care of. The building blocks are there to support a structure of innovation and beauty; however, what we get is a familiar shack with some shiny new windows.

        Just about all the characters, aside from Tina, fall into the same cookie-cutter personality from the past. This can be passable with the mix of some well-crafted humor or situations- not the case with “New Blood”. It feels pretentious to berate the film that is celebrated for its horror tropes, but at some point, the tropes stop being charming and instead become stale. 

        Since his introduction, Jason has slowly been morphing into a zombified wrecking machine; which at this stage his body has become littered with details signifying a walking corpse. Bones emerging from rotting flesh exposed ligaments and a mask that is accurate when regarding all the trauma Jason’s face has endured within the preceding films are mashed together for an impressive visual. Literally, each angle shot showcases something new for the eye to gaze at. Utilizing the water as a kill tactic, Jason’s body seems to be permanently drenched, giving off an almost toxic vibe to him. 

new blood face.gif

        The climax of the third act is the real reason for watching the film. As telekinesis goes against a supernatural juggernaut. Jason’s confrontation with Tina is a stuntman skill fest. Kane Hodder performs sequences like flying through a set of stairs and other jaw-dropping moments that stand out in the franchise. It goes beyond ridiculous. Aside from that, the kills are once again very tame as we only see the aftermath rather than the entire carnage; a staple to the franchise. It’s quite disappointing.

        Having a worthy combatant to Jason can only carry the film so far. Majority of the film simply becomes rehashing the same character dynamics and situations we’ve seen time and time again; nevertheless “New Blood” is an honorable attempt at revitalizing the series.


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