Friday Night Frights- ‘Jason X’

        If you thought Jason fighting a teenager with telekinesis and transferring his soul into other bodies was ridiculous, you’ve seen nothing yet. The cult classic “Jason X” takes it to the extreme by literally putting Jason into space; the most absurd direction the franchise has gone thus far.

        Rowan, a scientist at Crystal Lake Research, is in charge of the cryogenic suspension of the now captured Jason Voorhees. Before the procedure, Jason “surprisingly” escapes his restraints and kills several military members before being frozen along with Rowan. 445 years later their bodies were discovered by researchers who have returned to the now barren earth. Unknowing of the circumstances, the individuals bring both Rowan and Jason aboard their ship.

cryo head

        Aside from Rowan, the cast is rather bland, but that’s not the fault of the actors. It has been stated that the film went through various re-writes throughout its production as the creative team kept juggling the idea of a comedy and an epic space horror that resembled “Alien”. There were in fact rehearsals in an attempt to create a much higher acting caliber project, but the extensive changes erased the chance of a serious film. Thus creating a film that embraced the campiness of its predecessors- no pun intended. As far as other characters the only other memorable one is KM-14, an android who handles bringing both an analytical perspective who seeks to connect to humans on a personal level and a much more badass side to her. Once she receives her upgrade her demeanor changes into a cheesy action hero. In my opinion, she does the most damage to Jason when compared to any one-on-one scenario throughout the series.jason x.gif

        The fun doesn’t stop there, however, as Jason is reanimated through the cellular revitalizing table that the crew has for medical emergencies. Not only is he alive again, but larger and more lethal. Deemed Uber-Jason by fans, his new appearance is one of the most iconic versions ever. His now demon-like red eyes shine through the eye holes of the chrome mask that he adorns on his now bodybuilder cyborg hybrid.

        “Jason X” meets all the quotas of a low budget 2000’s movie: horrendous CGI, shawty written characters and inappropriate sexual jokes. Even in space the women are wearing skimpy outfits. It’s stupid but all welcoming when you take in the film as a comedy rather than a horror film. The film could have been better on a critical scale if it went down the path of a more confined space horror, but the route it ended up going in has its perks. No denying that it’s the worst of the franchise on a horror and narrative standpoint. Still, it manages to have some redeeming qualities for those who enjoy watching B-level movies; making it the perfect flick to watch late at night when you want to laugh while cracking open some beers.


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