Thanksgiving Survival Tips that Horror Movies Taught Us

Though Halloween has come and gone hardcore horror fans can keep the celebration going as Thanksgiving draws near. Frightening relatives, sleepless shopaholics and the haunting of the past are not just themes in horror films but elements of Thanksgiving. Be wary of holiday ordeals that are creeping up behind you. For those still grasping onto the Samhain spirit fear not as these horror films offer survival tips for the nightmares of Thanksgiving.

Meeting the in-laws

There’s no denying that “Ready or Not” was a box office success as it raked in over 8 times its budget for a total of $52 million. On her wedding night, Grace is persuaded into the family tradition of playing a game of hide-and-seek. To her surprise, the simple children’s game has a much more sinister implication. She must evade the family she married into or be killed in the process. This modern hit isn’t just an entertaining horror-comedy, as it provides some useful tools when meeting your significant other’s family.

hide and seek

While the possibility that your in-laws will attempt to kill you is less than slim, it’s a given that each one will hunt you down for some one-on-one time. It may not sound like the end of the world but the path to overly personal questions can come at the drop of a hat- or worse, several gang up on you for what feels like a group attack. Like Grace, you should play their game but in your own style. If things become uncomfortable, make a quick escape into another corridor of the house. Be aware of your surroundings and keep notes of which relatives you should steer away from. Grace used her resourcefulness to ward off her enemies and so should you. If you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to come up with an excuse when asked to partake in an uncomfortable activity.

In some cases, a large family can throw several victims into the equation, making it likely that someone is experiencing the same horrors. Take a page out of “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors”. When faced with the evil of Freddy Kreuger, Kristen Parker found that strength in numbers was the key to fight. Once you find another poor soul hold onto them for dear life. Like the dream warriors, everyone has their individual talents that can work to the team’s advantage. Perhaps one has extensive knowledge of an interest that an in-law may have. This distraction acts as a time-buff for you to cement your next move. Remember, an unexpected early departure by an ally may throw a wrench in your plans so always be sure to have more than one.

Your Own Family

us Red

They look just like you aside from a few small features. Jordan Peele’s “US” reminded audiences that doppelgangers are indeed terrifying. At face value, the film may be taken as a simple evil twin horror flick. However, there’s so much more under the surface- no pun intended. The reflection of one’s self is a canvas of internal fears like insecurities, failure or a brief look of the evil that can evolve through interpersonal struggles. Whether a cousin, sibling or parent, the resemblance can be apparent. Questionable life choices could cause a form of distance between relatives and the ugliness of this has the potential to explode between the main course and dessert. Attempting to reason with an individual is a gamble with the possibility of causing more turmoil. One thing’s for sure, do not play their game. Compose yourself and adapt to the horrors in front of you. Politics or other sensitive topics may come into play, but rather than taking the bait just simply steer away from the topic by leaving the room or changing the subject.

Black Friday

Holiday shoppers are the epitome of the living dead. Once entering the mall parking lot, you’ll be welcomed by a horde of slow-moving people who moan from lack of sleep. The sight of human flesh, or in this case a discounted television, will spark the primal instincts as the crowd erupts into a rabid frenzy. Zach Snyder’s remake of “Dawn of the Dead” plays off this scenario more than just by taking place in a mall. Unlike some characters in zombie movies, the group devises a plan to escape in one of the most creative ways. While you won’t be manufacturing a shopper-proof bus with chainsaw defense, creativity is a must when getting those discounts. Creating a plan for the supply run is necessary if you want to grab every item on your wish list. Scope out the store a day before the trip begins in order to get your bearings of where each desired item will be located. The day of, hold your ground on the perimeter of the crowd or else you will be consumed into the screaming mob. Someone might have to play the hero and sacrifice themselves to the trampling of strangers as they shout out loud a non-existent sale.

Returning Home

It Chapter 2 reflection

         “It: Chapter II” continued the story of Stephen King’s beloved book by focusing on the trials that tormented the characters as children. For some, returning to their hometown might feel well beyond 27 years. Like the loser’s club, you may have forgotten the pain that occurred during your youth. Feelings such as regret and sorrow can warp your mind into believing something is scarier than it is. Aside from the scares, the sequel provides an important message that should be embraced by all. Face these fears head-on. If you run into an ex or childhood bully don’t avoid them. Walk up, greet them and ask how they are doing. Showing them that you’re happy and moved on from the past has the ability to erase bad blood. Most importantly it will weaken the stranglehold that the anguished has set upon you in your consciousness.



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