“Dracula” Wilhelm Screamfest II

        Before the Mummy, Wolfman and Frankenstein Monster, there was one character that launched the Universal Monster series into full gear- Count Dracula. Although it wasn’t the first film to feature a vampire, “Dracula” cemented vampire culture deep into cinematic history; making it the best film to represent Thirsty Thursday’s.    … Read More “Dracula” Wilhelm Screamfest II

“Bride of Frankenstein” Wilhelm Screamfest II

Wednesdays during Wilhelm Screamfest will be sharing the likes of two separate creatures, the werewolf and the Frankenstein Monster. Wolfenstein Wednesday is here, so let’s get right to it with one of the most celebrated sequels- “Bride of Frankenstein.”          Picking up what is presumed shortly after the last film, “Bride of… Read More “Bride of Frankenstein” Wilhelm Screamfest II