‘American Werewolf in London’- Wilhelm Screamfest V

While backpacking across Europe two Americans, David and Jack, are viciously attacked by a werewolf. David awakens in a London hospital to discover that his friend is dead, well sort of. Jack’s ghost continues to talk with him as he warns the impending doom that lies ahead. As the days progress, David’s so-called luck from… Read More ‘American Werewolf in London’- Wilhelm Screamfest V

‘Child’s Play’ Wilhelm Screamfest III

Like most horror icons, Chucky has been through the fiery gates of cinematic hell by ways of countless sequels and idiotic plot points. For those that are unfamiliar with his origins, Chucky was. established as a welcoming and all the more terrifying addition to the catalog of Hollywood killers with his unique appearance and calculated… Read More ‘Child’s Play’ Wilhelm Screamfest III