‘The Lost Boys’ Wilhelm Screamfest II

The 80’s was a crucial time for the horror genre, as many franchises were spawned throughout the decade. While most focused on killers with supernatural powers, there was one film that mixed traditional vampires with 1980’s culture.“The Lost Boys” is the epitome of the 80’s, with big hair, stellar music and movie duo Corey Haim… Read More ‘The Lost Boys’ Wilhelm Screamfest II

“Dead Alive” (Braindead) Wilhelm Screamfest II

It’s very common in Hollywood for a director’s earlier films to be overshadowed by newer projects. Peter Jackson, known for “The Lord of the Rings” franchise, falls under this category as his long stay in Middleearth made audiences forget one of his earliest films “Dead Alive” also known as “Braindead”. The film is vastly different… Read More “Dead Alive” (Braindead) Wilhelm Screamfest II